Traffic Planning Suggestions for NMB

Alternative Plan for IPTS


While Joubert's attacks on the system is seen as negative by some people, his entry into this subject was with positive proposals

Joubert believes congestion in the city is at an all time high and Planners are not adressing that as such. Traffic features implemented are all orientated towards traffic calming but not adressing the needs of a free flow system

If NMB were to implement some of Joubert's suggestions it could set and example for others in the country

Joubert has posted recent letters to the Herald to put his views on the table

IPTS a missfit in the metro

DA backing ANC in the failed system

IPTS must fall flyer

It is recommended the taxi industry be formalized by placing taxis on a cashless basis and fitting card readers to all vehicles
Formalize taxis (and Algoa Bus) with electronic GPS and card readers Prepaid swipe cards similar to Cape Town My City can be installed in all taxis and Algoa Busses and lead to a whole new dimension of control hitherto not possible See pic of card validators in Cape Town bus
validators my city

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