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When I, Pierre Joubert , an automotive industrial engineer, decided to develop this presentation, which would traditionally have been in the hands of civil engineers, I had to do some research to find the road design standards by which my suggestions would be judged.

Fortunately today we have the internet, and there is a great freedom by many to share their information. Anyone can "oogle by google", and become an expert in a short time. Many entities have their road design versions on the internet and Google Earth's satelite images allows one to virtually look into everyone's back yard for free. There was no shortage of standards to refer to, but I did waste a lot of time before I discovered that in this domain the top sites dont say "Road", they use the keyword "Geometric," as in "Geometric Design Guidelines" (SANRAL), and "Geometric Design of Highways and Streets" (AASHTO).

For six months I hit Road Design into my keyboard, looking for whatever RSA's standards are, before I discovered the buzz is Geometric, but it did lead me around the world to sites all over America, UK, France, Australia Japan and even emerging China. With great relief I later discovered SANRAL (South African National Roads Agency Limited)'s Geometric Design Guidelines, so I could start cross checking the local policy with other references to verify my own interpretations. That on its own has lead to some interesting conclusions regarding SANRAL's ommissions and inclusions, which shall be referred to in the main text.

Two of the most important documents, viz the prestigious AASHTO Policy on Geometric Design for Roads and Streets, the Green Book, and the TRB HCM 2000 (US Transportation Research Board's Highway Capacity Manual 2000), to which (the US) sites regularly refer, require a lot of up front money to view. And to get the most from Google Earth, one has to subscribe to the Pro version at $400 per year. So, as an unsponsored outsider, I still need to get the benefit of those references, but at this stage I do not believe they will substantially alter the suggestions I have made here-in, perhaps allow for some refinement if any of my concepts should reach the drawing board

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