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Suggested Plan for Buffelsfontein/17th Ave zz
Sugges ted Plan for Walmer Heugh and Main Roads
S uggested Plan for Walmer Blvd / M4
Sugges ted Plan for William Moffat Expressway
Suggested Plan for Fairview By Pass
Sugge sted Plan for Walmer Park / Main Road
Suggested Plan for Uitenhage Road / N2
Suggested Plan for Stanford Rd / N2
Suggested Plan for Disa Ave / N2
Suggested Plan for Circular Drive and Kragga Kama
Suggested Plan for Samantha Rd / N2


By Pierre Joubert

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Traffic Congestion

The Result of Continued Growth

in all spects of our economy

Maps, state of building, and roads

an example

This 1963 map of the Fairview and adjoining areas shows the built up areas that existed at that time, the dark shaded areas.

The same map updated in 1995 shows that extensive built up areas had been added by that time, the dark grey areas.

Today's existing road structure was essentially in place in 1963, and has had little done to increase its capacity, despite this massive growth in building construction. read more

enlarge maps 165kb

Photo gallery of urban growth

click on pics to enlarge

The Builder's Warehouse complex brought a great deal of extra traffic to Buffelsfontein Road

Further construction east of Builder's Warehouse will bring more traffic to Buffelsfontein Road

And further construction near Sasol will bring more traffic to Buffelsfontein Road

Saddlewoods in the foreground and Lovemore Heights in the background is part of the growth around Mount Pleasant and the Seaview Road

A new trend in the south west residential areas is high rise construction, which will increase the density of additional traffic added per hectare. This example is a high rise complex east of Builder's Warehouse

Development along William Moffat is allowed on a "local route" basis, interfering with its required "arterial route" status. Along with the new Maritime site came an additional driveway exit and a traffic signal on this busy route

Thesens Island in the Knysna lagoon once housed a ship yard and timber processing factory. Today it is a fully built up residential area, the attraction being naturely it's unique location. Here is a bird's eye view of rampant building expansion contributing to traffic growth. There must have been a serious environmental impact assessment before this level of construction was permitted on so rare a piece of marine land, but was it's effect on traffic considered, specially at holiday time. Knysna is a serious bottleneck on the N2, also see photo at White Bridge on this page

Photo gallery of road congestion

click on pics to enlarge

Morning traffic on the N2 at Cotswold backs up out of sight. From this point the entire N2 up to the M4 exit is crawling at this time, delayed ultimately by distributor road signals onto which they exit

Traffic backs up in William Moffat dip, ahead of Cape Road signals

Morning traffic aiming for the 3rd ave Glen Hurd dip backs up along Moffat ahead of two signals aiming for Cape Road ahead of four signals

congestion walmer park

cape road at william moffat

Willow road through Fairview serves as a short cut for South Western sub burbs. This road carries thousands of cars a day, the impact once Fairview is resettled is unknown

Kempston road traffic waits at Juta Road signals from 16:30

An ambulance struggles to get through traffic at Kempston rd / Harrower Road signal

A queue of cars waiting to get into Moffat from Mimosa in new Fairview, after taking a shortcut on new roads through this residential area to come. No clear plan where they will go once Fairview is built up

We are not alone. This study is meant to cover only Port Elizabeth, but this photo might surprise some. Sleepy Knysna at the "white bridge" on west side of lagoon two days after Christmas queue on N2 causes half hour wait to enter the town. Knysna cherrishes it's position on the N2, but it is a major bottleneck to through traffic


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