Suggested Solution

Walmer Blvd / M4 Tee Junction

Port Elizabeth

In this proposal the traffic signals are decommissioned and the T junction assumes the shape of a flattened traffic circle, about 500 meters long. On the northern side a half circle is created through a vacant parking area below the elevated M4. On the southern side a half circle is built on vacant land adjoining the narrow gauge railway terminus. Traffic lanes are rearranged to create a continuous flow pattern and waiting at traffic signals is eliminated

Sketch layout

Pictorial Sequence


Summerstrand traffic turns left
traffic signal is decommissioned

Summerstrand traffic turns right
to underpass below elevated M4
South bound Summerstrand traffic goes under elevated M4
Walmer Blv to Summersrand exits from under M4 Bridge
Summerstrand traffic prepares to merge with
traffic from CBD
South bound lanes are re-aligned to run parallel with
and merge with M4 lanes
South bound traffic lanes merge with M4 and crosses existing "jug handle"
lanes. No right turns to Walmer occur at this point
South bound lanes diverge to the left from existing Humewood Road
and rounds a new half circle to be built on vacant ground adjacent to
narrow gage railway lines. At this half circle Summerstrand bound
will go straightand Walmer traffic will double back a about 250m
to make a left turn onto Walmer Boulevard

Aerial view
Walmer Road at M4

The aerial view describes in detail how the suggested T junction would function

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