Pierre Joubert

Pierre Joubert started his working life with General Motors as an apprentice and stayed 28 years. He worked in many "disciplines" and travelled overseas many times, including a two year scholarship to General Motors Institute (now Kettering University) , near Detroit. He visited many car factories in the US, Europe, Australia and RSA, and participated in high level planning. However, frustrated with the declining fortunes of General Motors, and mounting pressues for disinvestment, he left the company in the 1980's.

He started a light engineering business which builds horseboxes and does light structural engineering work. He also created the Sunpacer car, a low tooling cost, labour orientated concept for the Emerging community. After building 55 units, prototypes that were sold as kit cars, the project was mothballed for lack of support from the formal establishment, who saw it as "high risk", but 15 years later the rust free Sunpacers are still running, with spare parts adequately supplied from the massive parque of VW City Golfs out there.

Pierre, along with his passion for cars, has a passion for his new hobby, traffic engineering, which in his opinion is an absent art in urban RSA, contributing to congestion and a massive carbon footprint . In exile he has done an in depth study and is making these proposals for Port Elizabeth, and any other City willing to listen, to speed up traffic flow, reduce congestion, and do their bit towards greening up the environment.


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